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The fourth pillar of the 50K goal is to drive innovation and research to increase donation and maximize transplantation.
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AOPO Foundation

AOPO established a 501(c)3 Foundation to focus on research within the organ donation and transplantation field. The Board of Directors began their terms on January 1, 2023, and will work to develop a strategic plan for the organization.

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AOPO serves as the OPO liaison to the NIH-sponsored APOLLO study which investigates the impact of a common gene (APOL1) found in individuals of African descent that attributes to higher cases of kidney disease. The study requires samples from deceased donors and organ recipients to analyze transplant outcomes. 91% of OPOs participate in the APOLLO research and AOPO recently sent a letter of continued support.

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Industry Partners

AOPO partners with 19 Industry Partners that are diligently working to innovate and create new opportunities for technological advancements in enhancing the referral process, improving OPO team communications, preserving the quality of organs for transplantation, and expediting organ transportation services.