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The first pillar of the 50K goal is to expand collaboration across AOPO membership and among all stakeholders.
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AOPO Meetings

AOPO hosts educational conferences each year, including an Annual Meeting, Leadership Development Summit, Directors Workshop, and Financial Management Meeting for OPO members and community partners to collaborate, learn, and share successful practices to save more lives through organ donation and transplantation.

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Advocacy Efforts

AOPO participates in regulatory activities to share its unique perspective as the national voice of OPOs. AOPO and its Members continue to engage with members of Congress about the complex and lifesaving organ donation and transplantation process. members participate in advocacy days as an opportunity to connect with their Senators, Representatives, and staff to provide ongoing education and continue to build relationships.

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HRSA DoNation Campaign

AOPO is a co-sponsor for the HRSA DoNation Campaign, aimed at promoting organ donation in workforces across the United States. The goal of the campaign is to increase the number of registered donors from all communities.


OPO IMPACT Improvement Program

AOPO launched an IMPACT Improvement Program for its membership to help OPOs identify areas of organizational growth, share successful practices from leading experts, and monitor implementation outcomes. The aim of the IMPACT Improvement Program is to administer an OPO needs assessment and equip OPOs with recommendations and tools to operate more efficiently and effectively.