50,000 Organ Transplants in 2026

The Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO) commits to achieving 50,000 annual transplants in 2026. AOPO and its members will work with key stakeholders to implement a series of initiatives:

Expand Collab

Expand Collaboration across the AOPO membership and among all stakeholders.

    Health Inequities

    Reduce Health Inequities to improve accessibility of organ transplants in minority communities.

    Organ Utilization

    Maximize Organ Utilization by transplant programs.

    Innovation and Research

    Drive Innovation to increase donation and maximize transplantation.

    50K Report

    AOPO released a report showing how organ procurement organizations (OPOs) are quickly advancing toward our goal of 50,000 annual organ transplants in 2026. We are proud of the donation and transplantation community for reaching 39,860 organs transplanted from deceased donors in 2022. View the report for national data and details on the ongoing, coordinated efforts to improve system-wide effectiveness in our mission to save more lives.

    Latest Updates

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