VIENNA, Va. – July 27, 2015 – On Wednesday, June 10th, 2015, the Association of Organ Procurement Organizations (AOPO) recognized Scott A. Brubaker, the Senior Vice President, Policy at the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), by presenting him with the Association’s 2015 Executive Director’s Award. This award is provided to individuals outside of the OPO community, who have greatly influenced and impacted the work and missions of OPOs, and is given special recognition by the AOPO Executive Director, Elling Eidbo. The award was presented to Brubaker at AOPO’s 32nd Annual Meeting.

In front of a crowd of nearly 900 meeting attendees in Phoenix, Eidbo announced that Brubaker “…was the glue and the engineer who kept the [Uniform Donor Risk Assessment Interview] project together, moving forward on the track for the many years that it has been under development…this is, and was – a mission possible!“ Elling went on to describe Brubaker as detail oriented, extremely knowledgeable, and a respected man who has passionately worked in the field of donation for nearly 30 years.