NIKE socks inspired by organ donor Taylor Storch signify the importance of organ donation

DALLAS – Southwest Transplant Alliance (STA) believes in the power of a pair of socks. Joining forces with NIKE to create the Outlive Yourself Foundation sock, Southwest Transplant Alliance is hoping to inspire action through a pair of socks and a powerful message.

The sock was created by NIKE with a special organ donor in mind, Taylor Storch. Woven into each and every sock are the threads of blue representing Taylor’s favorite color and blue eyes. Five rings on the socks signify the individual lives she saved.

“When my daughter Taylor had a horrible skiing accident, it rocked our family to the core. We learned that in her passing, she had the ability to give life as a beautiful candidate for organ donation,” said Tara Storch, donor mom and President of STA’s Outlive Yourself Foundation. “That one moment and decision to say yes allowed her to give life to five people. The Outlive Yourself NIKE socks are a beautiful tribute to organ donors and transplant recipients everywhere.”

April is National Donate Life Month and by visiting and purchasing a pair of Outlive Yourself socks, you can join the movement and support organ donation. Supporters are encouraged to share #outliveyourself on social media.

Proceeds from purchases of the Outlive Yourself Sock from will benefit the Outlive Yourself Foundation and Donate Life America.

There are 114,000 individuals awaiting a lifesaving organ as part of the national transplant waiting list.. The Outlive Yourself Foundation was created by Dallas-based organ procurement organization Southwest Transplant Alliance.

“Outlive Yourself has become our battle cry. Every day in the United States, 22 people die waiting for lifesaving organs,” said Patti Niles Chief Executive Officer of Southwest Transplant Alliance. “We are excited to see how we can inspire our community to not only register to become an organ donor, but to share the importance of giving life to others.”

You can register your decision to be an organ, eye and tissue donor at or in the Medical ID tab of your iPhone Health app.