As a business partner of Indiana Organ Procurement Organization, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some exciting news. Effective today, we are changing our name.

We learned through surveying nearly 500 Hoosiers that our name and logo are confusing, and together they may inhibit families from emotionally connecting with our brand and mission. This finding is clearly problematic, as our visual identity is instrumental in conveying our mission accurately and educating Hoosiers about organ and tissue donation.

Our new name is Indiana Donor Network, with a tagline of “saving lives through organ and tissue donation.” Our new identity was created with a vibrant color palette to promote hope and positivity. To the left of the logo, the “3 figures” mark leaves the lasting impression of people coming together and communities uniting. It symbolizes a chain of human connections through which information is exchanged, help is found and comfort and healing are provided.

This brand change is more than just a name change. We are also making operational changes to take our mission to new heights. Our vision – to be recognized by our peers as a leader in organ and tissue recovery, as evidenced by sustained operational and clinical excellence, innovative practice and exceptional customer experience – is one that we will work steadfastly to achieve. People are counting on us.

I look forward to continuing the close relationship we’ve enjoyed with your organization, so that together we can help save and heal as many lives as possible. Please reach out to me if I can answer any questions regarding our name change.


Kellie Hanner
Indiana Donor Network

PS – Please visit our new website at to learn more.