joe nespral

Joseph Nespral, MD, CPTC
Board President

Joe Nespral has been with the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance since July 1997 and was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in October 2016.  Joe has an extensive background in OPO leadership in operations, restructuring, policy analysis, business development, and quality improvement.

He has worked with several OPO’s over the years including, New York Organ Donor Network, LifeLink of Georgia and LifeLink of Puerto Rico.  Joe earned his Degree in Medicine at Central East University in the Dominican Republic and is Board Certified as a Procurement Transplant Coordinator.

Joe has also served with a variety of groups including, appointments to the UNOS OPO and Patient Affairs Committees. National Conference on Donation after Cardiac Death. Executive Committee of the Texas Transplant Society. Joe has authored and co-authored several articles published in Transplantation Proceedings, American Journal of Transplantation and the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.