Perry was a truely loving and giving person. He was always doing things for me. He wrote love notes to me and hid them in drawers. He loved dancing and aspired to be a waltz expert. He was artistic: he cut my hair by googling how to cut layers. He was a motorcyclist and advid fisherman, an expert electrician, and master of all house repair, and loved gardening. He loved raising his new puppy, Winnie, and older dog Pippi. He loved cats and named the one who followed him everywhere “the professor”. He prayed every day. He was a tall, beautiful, blue-eyed man who loved his family and his country. He believed in freedom and truth. He is survived by his wife of almost 4 years, mom, two brothers, two children, Perry Jr. and Kimberly, and 5 grandchildren. All loved him very much and miss him.