At just two years old, Logan loved to climb, jump, dance, laugh and play. He loved anything and everything that had to do with being outdoors or on our family farm. He loved Spiderman, blue tractor videos, animals, music, his sticker book, wearing everyone else’s shoes, climbing everything without fear, cuddling with his star blankie and doggie blankie, dancing his super cute dance moves, and “not catching” fish (even though he somehow caught them on his own). He gave amazing hugs and kisses to all. He lit up any room he entered, captured the attention of, and entertained many. Logan loved playing with and teasing his older sister Kendra. He was energetic, loving and trusting of everyone. He also loved family sandwich-hugs and mowing with the men. Logan exemplified a great love for Christ, praying out loud with us before meals and at bedtime. Through his death, he donated heart valves to Lillian, whom we have met up with a few times and remain in touch with, and a boy in California. Logan’s story has brought many to Christ. He is greatly missed each and every day. We look forward to seeing him in heaven one day. #LoveforLogan