Allen checked the Organ Donor box when he renewed his driver's license the year before his diagnosis of terminal- stage 4 cancer. After learning that he could be a Cornea Donor because there is no blood flow to the corneas and no contamination from the cancer, they cried tears of joy instead of sorrow in his hospital room. After Allen’s death, saying yes to donation was easy for his wife, Leah, because she was simply honoring his wishes.
Allen’s passion in life was photography. His view of the world was through the lenses of his eyes and his favorite cameras. So, when he became an exclusive Cornea Donor it was the perfect match. Unbeknown to both of them, not only did 2 strangers benefit from his Gift of Sight, but Leah received a gift too.
After the trauma of 3 admissions to the hospital and coming back home twice within a span of 31 days after his diagnosis, Leah was drowning in an ocean of tears and stress. But, through Allen's selfless donation, a life buoy ring was tossed to her. It enabled Leah to get into the Gift of Life Donor Program's lifeboat. Bereavement counseling and joining their Hearts of Gold Donor Family Support Group helped her to grieve his loss and to move forward in her life without her beloved husband.
Be a hero to your loved ones and register to be an Organ Donor on your driver’s license too. It will be the last and greatest gift to those that you leave behind.