Stephanie’s brother loved dogs, the outdoors, working on cars, fishing and sports. He was known to help anyone in need, yet, he struggled with acceptance and battled with addiction for many years. He lost that battle in 2016, but Stephanie and her family like to say he ultimately won at life. The family was touched by how the staff at CORE respectfully and caringly helped them bridge their grief with the idea Vince could give others new life.

“I didn’t expect the amount of peace I would get knowing that even in his tragic passing, he could still be exactly who he was and offer help to someone else — that gives me peace.”

Stephanie was so profoundly moved by her experience as a member of a donor family that she felt compelled to leave her career in corporate banking to pursue a job with CORE. Today, she says she has the privilege of serving families with the same high level of care and integrity shown to her own family.

Her donor experience has helped her create personal connections through delicate but urgent conversations with countless families. She understands the gift of life isn’t just about a donor and a recipient but about assuring donor families that their loved one’s legacy can still live on through organ, tissue and cornea donation.