As we conclude a dynamic 2023, I am proud to introduce AOPO’s Year in Review, a comprehensive summary of our collective efforts and achievements throughout the year. This report reflects the tireless work of our community and highlights the incredible strides we have made in organ donation and transplantation.

Throughout the year, we have faced challenges and celebrated milestones, each step reinforcing our commitment to saving and enhancing lives. Our collaborative endeavors in policy advocacy, education, and community engagement have not only strengthened our organization but have also made a tangible impact in the field.

As you read through this report, I hope you will share in our pride for what we have accomplished together. Each statistic, story, and success is a testament to the dedication and compassion that define our community.

Looking ahead, we are inspired to continue this important work, driven by our shared vision and the ever-present need for organ donation. We remain committed to our goal of reaching 50,000 annual organs transplanted in 2026. Through expanding collaboration, reducing health inequities, maximizing organ utilization, and driving innovation and research, we will overcome challenges and unlock new possibilities in the year ahead.

Together, let us honor the gift of life and build a brighter future for organ donation and transplantation.

Thank you for another impactful year,
Steve Miller, MBA, CAE

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